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About Us

Alpha To Omega™ The Genealogy Bookmaker is a unique genealogy program developed to work with other genealogy software programs to create memorable books of ancestors and descendants that you can proudly display or share with family members. Developed to enhance genealogy research software programs such as Legacy and Family Tree Maker, Alpha To Omega™ The Genealogy Bookmaker offers a printout format not available with any other program.

Just a couple of mouse clicks converts your research information to a GEDCOM (GEnealogical Data COMmunication) file, a standardized format that allows the file to be shared with other genealogy software.

Unique format keeps descendants at the top of the page, so you never have to guess who the descendant is for that particular book.

Exclusive numbering system matches each family member to the family record sheet.

Title Page and Index

Alpha To Omega™ The Genealogy Bookmaker prints out a title page for each book, identifying whose descendants are in that book. It also provides indexes of all the descendants and non descendants in the book.

Can Be Used With Most Genealogy Programs

Alpha To Omega™ The Genealogy Bookmaker can be used with any current genealogy program that uses a GEDCOM file.

Helps You Proof-Read Your Databases

Because of the way it sorts and presents information, Alpha To Omega™ The Genealogy Bookmaker makes it easier for you to find and correct duplications, typos, inconsistent entries and other errors in your database(s).


Get more out of all your genealogy software.

> Don't have a GEDCOM file?
> Adding new information
> Print options
> Don't have exact dates?
> Adding interest
> Including pictures
> Large book and/or slow printer?

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